Deep in the Carolina hills a legend of the smoothest, high test backwoods moonshine liquor abides the tale of a reasonable man driven to unreasonable actions. In the days long past, when everybody, the law included, made a little good hooch in their yard & the accolades thereof were coveted to the highest regard, this man held the lions share of those praise. When the revenuers came for him (a jealous individual projecting their own inequities), they chose to capitalize on the well known desires of the law to appropriate the renowned formula attributed to the man in question.  Elusive though he had been, this time they knew right where to look for everything they needed to stop him permanently from producing his pride to the Williams family name. Seized was all the inventory, equipment, & the alleged perpetrator ended the legacy so hard fought to build for the intrepid distiller…  Or was it really?  He must have known something was awry from the jump as he had the forethought to protect his prized recipes by adumbrating them to a place the authorities would not scrutinize, his grandson’s closet. The fruitless persecution had everyone involved madder than a wet hen but he was released to his devices in the hopes of a reprieve to another chance at his secrets. As time passed, the grandson matured & had a son all his own. Forgotten was the prestige that had brought the family so much trepidation in generations of yore.  The techniques & proportions lost to the ages, never to rebuke the definitions of excellence, cannot be measured to a certainty… until the better part of a decade ago when acreage was acquired by that son high in the Rocky Mountains of South Park, Colorado & with the help of his father, two friends contrived to once again ingratiate the world with the glory of libations crafted to the exacting standards of our families’ heritage. Aged purely in Carolina Oak, the whiskies & sour mash bourbon of the Lady mature at 11,600 feet to a flavor unrivaled for an experience revered by those lucky enough to taste the small batch spirits cooked by flame & fermented to perfection in the traditions we hold so dear. We are proud to distill all of our spirits in house – No Grist No Glory!

History in the Making

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