Our Spirits

Every single drop of our Whiskey & Brandy is distilled by us, in house. No blends. Just good ol’ family recipes matched with local grains & fruits, double copper pot distilled with Rocky Mountain snowmelt, and aged to perfection at 11, 600ft. Come relax in our tasting room & experience the traditional flavors of the Snitching Lady!

Button’s Blue Corn Whiskey

The Button’s Blue Corn Whiskey recently won Best American Corn Whiskey at the 2020 World Whiskies Awards and was chosen for a Gold Medal in the 2019 International Sip Awards. Cracked, milled, & mashed, Native American grown Blue Corn hails from beautiful Tuwac, Colorado. This buttery 100% Corn Liquor can compliment a palate of many varieties. Toffee, pecan, & vanilla notes imparted in charred Oak for a minimum of 12 months at 11,600 ft combine beautifully with deep oil content of our double distilled grain ferment to render a profile of butterscotch & caramel.

IN STOCK | $50 | 750ml | 100 Proof
Batch #23

Appalachian Temptation Grape Brandy

Authentic Carolina traditional recipes awash in high country heritage fermented Chardonnay & Grüner grapes with local honey in this mash to be double distilled in Fairplay & matured in a single recharred French Oak wine cask at 11,600 ft. A dessert wine nose precludes a dry smokey finish to encompass a complete spectrum of grape flavors entrusted to the strength of brandy with a full bodied taste rectified by the Lady.

IN STOCK | $60 | 375ml | 100 Proof
Batch #4

Britton’s Peach Brandy

Palisades Peaches are world famous for their intense sweetness & rich flavor. These peaches ferment each summer in the back of our tasting room before double distillation in our copper pot stills in memorial of our great friend Britton Greene. Every April 1st we release another batch of smooth 100 proof wine cask finished peach purity to commemorate the birth of a real one. Cheers Britton!

OUT OF STOCK | 375ml | 100 Proof
Projected Release Date: 04/01/2022

Continental Rye Whiskey

The purest White Rye Malt is milled & fermented in filtered water melted off the top of the Continental Divide. Double Copper Pot Distillation then rectifies mash into wash first & wash into spirit second, before Dark Charred Carolina Oak rests at 11,600 ft to perfect the timeless tradition from the flames of our forefathers. Earthy with pepper and spice notes.

IN STOCK | $50 | 750ml | 100 Proof
Batch #16

Burrobon Bourbon Whiskey

Primarily Native American Blue Corn complimented in the mash bill by Malted White Rye & Malted Red Wheat cooked slow & fermented to completion. Double distilled at 9,953 ft, this patriotic Red, White, & Blue Grained Bourbon then rests at 11,600 ft in Charred Carolina Oak for a minimum of one year. Complex flavors dominate the mouth, ranging from a sharp spice to smooth warmth all the way to the simple sweet finish.

OUT OF STOCK | $65 | 750ml | 100 Proof
Batch #22

Bobena’s Apple Brandy

Gala and Fuji apples ripen to perfection in an oasis on the high desert mesas of western Colorado.  From these lush fruits spring forth the loving labor of careful fermentation, fueled by wildflower honey from this abundant paradise in the Rocky Mountains.  The magic of Hotchkiss and Palisade come together in Fairplay, matured in a wheat cask, to create this exceptionally crisp apple brandy, perfect for a fall celebration or quiet reflection amidst the changing seasons.

IN STOCK | $60 | 375ml | 100 Proof
Batch # 01

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